Holmberg GmbH & Co. KG has been developing and producing electro-acoustic equipment for use in aircraft since 1957.

We are an approved manufacturer*1) and maintenance organisation*2) of aviation products.
In addition, we are an approved development organisation in accordance to EASA  ‘alternative procedures to DOA’ ETSO C50c, C57a, C58a and C139.
Furthermore we are certified in accordance to the aviation quality standard EN 9100.

This enables us to develop customer tailored solutions in accordance with international standards and to produce the equipment at our own manufacturing organisation.
We are also able to sign PO – DO and PO – PO agreements with any other DOA and POA organisation.

Our customers benefit from our expansive international service network with partners in Europe, Middle East, Far East and America.

Famous aircraft manufacturers like Airbus, Bombardier, Eurocopter, Embraer and others trust in our products and use them as SFE parts.

*1)in accordance with EASA Annex requirements (Part 21)part A, subpart G
*2)in accordance with EASA Annex II requirements (Part 145), part A


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