• Communication for trains and vehicles

  • Reliable communication in emergencies

  • Planning and acting with precision

  • a good connection in all weather conditions

Public transport and rail industry

The transport network forms the arteries of any economy. In this age of globalisation, more and more people and goods need to be transported. Precise organisation is essential for handling this constantly increasing traffic, which depends on reliable communication to run smoothly.

Holmberg products are a crucial part of ensuring everyone and everything arrives promptly and safely at their destination. Our equipment is designed both for fitting in vehicles and for stationary use.

Emergency services

Rescue, fire-fighting, mountain rescue, keeping people safe: every call-out presents a new challenge. Seconds often mean the difference between success or failure of a mission, with emergency workers frequently putting themselves in danger to help others. In these situations, contact must never be lost: reliable communication is vital. The emergency team must be able to depend one hundred percent on the technology.

At Holmberg we leave nothing to chance. Which is why all our equipment passes through a comprehensive qualification and validation process before being cleared for the customer.

Control-centre technology and logistics

Effortless communication between all operating levels is essential when coordinating and controlling complex operations. Incoming information must be dealt with immediately so that correct decisions can be made and relayed to intended recipients. Only then can personnel take appropriate action, ensuring the necessary resources are in the right place at the right time.

Functionality, ergonomic design and excellent wearer comfort are features of Holmberg equipment, letting expediters concentrate fully on their work even during long periods of use.

Maritime industry

The oceans have been connecting people for millennia. Transportation of goods by sea forms the backbone of the globalised economy. Ship numbers are constantly rising, and some of the most congested shipping lanes in the world are in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Reliable communication is essential to ensuring that every ship reaches harbour safely and to providing prompt assistance to vessels in trouble.

Holmberg offers a range of rugged products for maritime use, including waterproof and saltwater-proof models for outdoor use.